Hiroshi Sunairi
Work in Progress
Estoa yo Hantastishe de Buddha

L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt presents an installation by Hiroshi Sunairi

Hiroshi Sunairi working at his sculpture for Art Unlimited at Art Basel 2001

Estoa  yoHantastishe deB uddha

It is a  9-feet-tall sculpture, made of wood and stained in Redwood.  Its surface varnished smoothly Like a piano (Fujimori).  It consists of 27 parts of shapes (fingers, head, arm, elephant, high heels, leather shoe,  clouds and so on), varying sizes from 4x8 feet to 20x10inches, all jointed together without a single screw, like MEIJI PERIOD ARCHTECTURE HOUSE to construct the image of Buddha sitting with his hand resting on  clouds.  On the wall,  both in Japanese and English, photo-collaged letters say, “muga nothing early-hiroshi “   In Japanese language for example, this letter, muga, since its usage of Hiragana alphabet leaves the meaning open (often, Kangi – Chinese characters are used to specify the meanings more precisely).  They translates as nothing is, self-effacement, ecstacy, as well as attaining a spritual state of perfect selfishness.
We thank Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY for the support.
Before Foot Detail Hiroshi Sunairi
Before Foot Detail

Hiroshi Sunairi Sculpture

Body Detail Foot Finger

Body Detail Foot

Body Detail Head

Hiroshi Sunairi Studio
Studio No 1

Body Detail Legs

Body Detail Head

Ornament Pieces
Body Detail Ornament Pieces

Hiroshi Sunairi Painting

Studio No 2


Exhibition Art Basel
Exhibition View
Art Basel Unlimited 2001